Tooth removal pain during pregnancy


Hi. Quite an urgent question, I’m 30weeks pregnant I just had my tooth pulled today and I’m in such a pain right now that I’m even crying like a baby. Please help what should I do. Note that I’m not following private gynea. Should I go to the hospital or just hold on. I already took blue panadol as adviced by dentist.

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  1. Panadol is the only safe pain killer that you take during pregnancy! You’re having severe pain after removing the tooth?? may I ask which tooth was it and the reason for extracting! Trying to understand why the pain is still there(m a Dentist)

    • It’s the last tooth from down range I don’t know name of tooth I believe molar, it broke in half at first then the inside of the tooth started to come off I was left with the side of the tooth only. The dentist said it was a big tooth and he had to break the other parts and stitched afterwards. I feel my gum and half my face so painful now that the numbing agent is gone I can’t open my mouth and it keep bleeding now 21 hours since I had it removed. Please advice me what shall I do. I went to gynea she said take panadol but it’s not helping at all and it’s very uncomfortable pain.

    • Think that’s the wisdom tooth most likely and really hurts alot for a day to two afterwards. Being limited with painkillers perhaps you could alternate with hot and cold compresses on the area of the cheek closest to it to help a bit, good luck!!

    • Nadiyah Papain apply sensitive sensodyne toothpaste believe me it worked like magic for me ..i didn’t know it will help my sis in law told me about it so i gave a try and i felt so relaxed

    • Use cold compresses from outside on your check just next to the wound

    • Nadiyah Papain ah!! Like everyone’s suggesting out cold compresses on the cheek the side where the tooth has been removed! You can’t do much about it sadly!! Hope you feel better soon InshA Allah!!

  2. Jennifer N. Hill

    Ouch, sounds terrible! I’ve heard that you shouldn’t have dental work done during pregnancy. I would consult with a doctor regarding pain killers…

  3. U can consult a gynecologist who may prescribe a safe antibiotic Incase if the pain is unbearable . Wot ever be the case, get doc advise before popping pills.

  4. I think panadol is only thing u can take. I needed a root canal when i was pregnant and obviously had to wait. The pain was awful. I had 4 flights and cried on each one with the pain and all the dentist could offer me was panadol. I did find drinking reallly cold water helped as a temporary fix!

  5. When I was pregnant my dentist wouldn’t do anything except check up and cleaning as ur teeth and gums can play havoc during pregnancy

  6. Consult gynecologist.. there are some which are safe in pregnancy .. if pain get worse ask your doc may be there is some beat and safe to tackle this pain

  7. Surprised a dentist removed ur tooth while pregnant

  8. well i took panadol extra 2 times when i had headache ..i am still alive
    for toothache its better ti have Iv of paracetamol thats what they prescribed for me when i had toothache during pregnancy
    best gyn i would say is shine mary ..she treated me well and i used to follow her for regular checkups

  9. Maria C. Al-Ghanem

    You could have a dry socket. This causes pain. See your dentist

  10. Ice cream and cool ice cubes God help you!

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