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Hello friends after 3 years of irritation from gastritis finally i am symptoms free now. I am not completely healed but may be 80%.I am still on medications.but finally which helped me is H 2 blocker.So frnds pls don't loose ur hope. You also will heal urself. I  know gastritis is very common now a days. But ppis are not responding to peoples. And doctors don't listen well to the patients. So what worked for me is my simple diet which are between the gap of 4 hours and medications. So i would suggest here that those who are here for whom ppis are not working don't worry you just need to add a h 2 blocker with ur ppi. I am telling u how to take here. After wake up in ur morning take ur ppi with full glass of water after 1 hour take ur H2 blocker after 5 to 10 minutes take ur break fast. Your break fast should be simple n medium not light or heavy. N remember hv ur diet in time gap of 3 to 4 hours.Just do this for 2 days n say friends.

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  1. Also to add Dont have heavy meals frnds hv light to medium size meals always.

  2. good tips, did you have acid reflux with your gastritis GERD OR LPR cheers allan??

  3. have had gastritis for years, had a couple of endoscopes to make sure nothing else going on during that time. Below is a list of what I avoid —

    Keep away from beef for dinner, just tooo much for my tum.

    ​Avoid garlic, do you know how much I love mushrooms, with some garlic, and tossed into a pasta, but OHHHHHH, do I pay a price for that lovely meal, about 2 weeks worth of pain and discomfort.

    ​Avoid cinnamon, and or mixed spice, nutmeg, I can eat in the morning, but if I try anything with these in it after lunch disaster area.

    ​Raw onions NO NO

    ​Chocolate – have only just found out that it is also causing me problems, so that has to go on the NO NO list as well.

    Well what do I eat —

    ​Cornies with some banana for breakfast, and maybe a slice of spicy fruit loaf, toasted.

    ​Lunch is usually a salad of some kind, again have to be careful if not preparing myself. multigrain bread, and a pile of lettuce, carrot, sliver of red onion, ham or fish, tomatoes, egg, cheese, some mayo

    ​Dinner is usually fish or chicken, again have to be careful with going out, with some veges, cauli, Chinese cabbage, (wombok), sweet potato, pumpkin, beetroot, don’t usually eat normal potato, as I have sensitivity to gluten and potato’s, have been working on what recently in desperation, as nothing else has worked for me, Dr’s meds only making me worse with side effects I will not tolerate.

  4. It was/is different for me, H2 do nothing even at 600mg, whilst a 20 mg PPI keeps me clear, horses for courses. Don’t knock PPIs, they work in the majority of cases. If you look at the results of test H”s vs PPIs they ALL show that PPIs work better then H2s.

  5. Some of the stomach settling drugs are not particularly good for you long term.

    Husband has taken them for the last 3 years, and even our Dr has said with his heart failure, keep taking them, it is not worth the discomfort and or worry about long term use in his case.

    ​But Dr will not give them to me for more than a few weeks at a time, and only minimum dosage, therefore my above lack of certain food in my diet, and lacking for the foods listed really am missing nothing that is good for me.

  6. I use h 2 blocker at morning time only because ppi take little more time to absorb in the body. So when i try without h2 blocker at morning after breakfast acidity strikes. Thats the reason i take h 2 blocker just before my breakfast n it works on my morning time acidity.

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