Terrified I have breast cancer


ammed a rod, at work, into my breast back in February. Had a bruised feeling for awhile, then subsided a bit. After awhile, I noticed a dime sized lump off to the side of my nipple. Asked for a mammogram, which showed “normal changes” even though I presented with a lump, there was no ultra sound following. The breast continued to become more uncomfortable and painful when any pressure was on it, like lying on that side or the seatbelt laying across it. I noticed the lump had seemed to move but only found put it had gotten larger, not moved and I noticed the bottom of my breast had pulled up inside, creating an inward pucker or dimple. Saw my doctor, he sent me to a GS. Had a core biopsy done. The tumor is cm, hard and solid. The ultrasound tech and biopsy doctor seemed quite concerned. I’m terrified. What else could this be? The waiting is giving me anxiety

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  1. I will be praying for good news!
    Keep us posted.
    If it is breast cancer do your research about treatments. Chemmo and radiation is not good for you body and immune system. Look up Chris beat Cancer on the internet and FB. He has so much good info about treatment. Saying prayers for you

  2. Dianne,
    You did not mention your age, risks, or family history for breast cancer.
    If you actually bruised your breast, causing a hematoma, you form a calcium deposit where the bruise was, and the mammogram shows the calcium. However, if you do need to come back, they do more films, then a biopsy. I have breast cancer, and it is a process you go through. I remain calm, as there is nothing you can do EXCEPT find the best Medical Team to treat you.
    Let me know what the outcome is.
    Best Wishes
    Merry Juliana

    • hi. I am 50 years old, 90% of the women 9n my mom’s side and some on my dad’s side have had breast cancer or lumps. I smoke, which I have been quitting on the patch. Had a mammogram when I presented with the lump. They said it was normal changes, never ordered an ultrasound. Since, this has double in size and I had an ultra sound and core biopsy Monday. I’m terrified that because they never ordered an ultrasound in February that this has spread, unnecessarily

  3. So, it’s been confirmed as a grade 3 at 3cm, invasive ductal carcinoma. šŸ˜„šŸ˜„šŸ˜„šŸ˜„ it’s aggressive and now, I have to wait to see an oncologist for staging. I am a temp worker, no sick leave, no financial support to cover expenses while I’m going through this hell. I’m alone. I don’t even know where to begin. I’m a complete wreck. Angry, terrified, sad…. I’m just so lost.

  4. Dianne,
    I am so sorry for your news.
    Where do you live? Do you have any close friends?
    All these emotions come rushing at you now.
    My best advice to you is take one step at a time.
    Try to find the best breast surgeon and oncology center for breast cancer you can.
    There are charities in the US, as well, to help you. If you go to a large Medical Center, a social worker can assist you in getting emotional support, financial assistance, if you qualify, and perhaps also disability.
    Please keep us posted
    Merry Juliana

  5. Sweetheart, I live in the UK so I only know our procedures and charities. Go online find your local cancer support unit .This is devastating news and whether its close friends or family you’ll need plenty of supportive loving people there for you. We have a few national.charities which work on behalf of any one connected to cancer
    I wish you my heartfelt sympathies and will remember you in my prayers.

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