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Hi. I think that my daughter has a problem in her lungs. She cannot breathe easily. Any recommendation for a good doctor, please? Thanks!

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  1. Omar Victoria Omari

    Dr. Mohammad Rasheed, Bahrain Specialist Hospital

  2. Dr. Ahmed Metwally, pediatric at the International hospital.

  3. Pls see a pediatric first ; Dr Harraz is very professional ; near Alkindy hospital ; sorry lost the # ; call 181

  4. Valentina Amozlouf

    Dr.Ali clinic he is pediatric pulmonologist, very good one

  5. Highly suggest Dr.Rasheed in bahrain specialist

  6. You should consult a pulmonologist …

  7. Dr gawda in aster sanad branch.. 17711811

  8. Dr Osama. He’s a pulmonologist

  9. Irfana Abdul Malik

    Do u have any pet ?

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