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Can anyone recommend me an affordable good quality dentist, please? I have a cavity and possibly an infection in my wisdom tooth. I am in a lot of pain and I think they are going to want to remove the tooth! I am petrified of the dentist and have no dental insurance eek!

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  1. Olivia Roth Lauren

    I had a root canal at Al Mossawi Dental Clinic yesterday. I have resisted ir for more than a year. Dr Aqeel is a class-act endodontist. It didn’t hurt at all. He was patient (I am a hysterical dental patient ?) and explained everything. His work must have been stellar because I have had no pain since…

  2. Danielle Wilkinson

    I can second al mossawi dental clinic. I see dr Quazi and he’s amazing, i needed a massive filling and it didn’t hurt at all.

  3. Someone yesterday recommended 2 Smile dental clinic in Riffa for anyone who is terrified of the dentist! I will be going there.

  4. Susan Bjerre Hitchler

    I’m terrified of the dentist too. I went to dr Mohammed jawad’s clinic in isa town. They were very kind and gentle when I explained my fear. They also were helpful with the payments. Best of luck to you!

  5. Awali dental I had something similar recently charged me 90 bd to whip it out. I was popping myself but the guy was absolute magic didn’t feel a thing. I found paracetamol and ibuprofen were good for the pain alternating between them every 2 hours.

  6. Had my wisdom tooth out with Dr Andlib Tarique at AMH in Manama 2 weeks okay. Petrified patient but he and the dental nurses put me totally at ease

  7. Amal hospital in hamad town

    Also al mansuri dental clinic in riffa..v nice job ..i saw my sisters…Dana Sara whats the dr name

  8. ZSartaj Alam Sayyed

    Dr,kristin in kims…she,s the best…I also removed my wisdom tooth from her only…not expensive also

  9. Dr Layla Delmon dental clinic Bud highway.

  10. Dr. Andleeb at AMH, it will cost you arround BD 250-300

  11. Dr Nadeem in Al rayan hospital, riffa.

  12. Al hamad dental near manana bus station. Amazing doctor low. On the pockets and pretty good results

  13. The dentist at Al Raya mall in Juffair was amazing

  14. Denise Alfin Kfoury

    Dr. Mario at Seef dental. Not cheap, but they took good care of me as I am petrified as well

  15. An Indian lady dentist in Al Hilal Riffa can’t remember the name might be Reema or something.

  16. Dr Zahra, Saar dental. She is realy good and gentle.

  17. Mireille Barbour Boujakli

    Special dental care centre mashtan building 17217686 the best

  18. Dr. Mohammad Samiullah zahir in bdf hospital. He will be obliged by his way of treatment.

  19. Dr Pierre clinic in Zinj.

  20. Dr safia at the AMH

  21. Neha Taneja Vohra

    Gulf dental hospital

  22. Delmon clinic. Dr layla

  23. Rachelle Heart Morallos

    Dr. Lamyas Dental Clinic in Muharaq

  24. Pl go to Dr

  25. PM ! sent ??

    • Oops…it went before I had finished writing!!! Dr Ali Mattar has looked after our teeth for 8 years. Reasonably priced and great service.
      Good luck

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