recommendation for kids ENT specialist to remove tonsils


Hi, needs your recommendation for kids ENT specialist for my 7 years old son. I need a 2nd opinion on his tonsils removal. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Dr Hibba King hamad she is fantastic. She did my sons and she will only remove if they need it

  2. Dr Heba Al Reefy king Hamad Hospital

  3. Dr Heba Elreefy at king Hamad university hospital

  4. ENT doctor in Awali hospital saved my daughters tonsils?BSH wanted to take them out?

  5. Dr. Al ghareeb at al ghareeb clinic in noor hospital next to royal… first floor

  6. Dr Avneesh Kumar at RBH

  7. Yes Dr. Hisham is best in BD F hospital

  8. Julianne Granleese

    Dr heba one million percent ??

  9. Dr George… American Mission Hospital

  10. Give Hameopath medicine

  11. Dr Hisham in BDF

  12. Dr.waleed janahi from king hamad

  13. Dr. Vivek Abraham at AMH

  14. Janet Gomez Trono

    Janet Gomez Trono Dr. Avneesh royal bahrain hospital

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