Recommend the best gynecologist at Bahrain Specialist hospital


I’m looking for a gynecologist at Bahrain Specialist hospital and came across these doctors – Dr. Maria, Dr. Sudharani and Dr. Vandana. Can someone who has had a personal experience (preferably a c-section) with them, recommend one? You can send me a PM if preferred. Thank you.

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  1. Kat'z Vince Layton

    Just had c section 2 weeks ago my ob is dr maria, she was my ob since last yr when i also gave birth to my baby girl.

  2. personally i know dr vandana and dr sudharani both are best..

  3. Dr. Maria Isabel Talay is one of the best ??

  4. I have great personal experience with dr.Vandana, c-section as well (but emergency one). ??

  5. DR Maria a huge NO !
    Really nad experience with her.

  6. Thank you all for the feedback

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