Please help , I’m so scared


Could anyone please ease my mind . I had an ultrasound on a very moveable lump before Christmas . Ultrasound results came back normal . My doctor sent me for another opinion and the lump is faulty big and this morning A doctor who done the Ultrasound said he found a definite palpable lump and is recommending an mri over a biopsy . This worries me why not a biopsy . I’m only 31 with two beautiful children . He mentioned a lump my size would have possibly spread by now therefore he wasn’t too worried . I don’t get the comment , is he checking via mri to see if it’s spread meaning he thinks it’s dangarrous . He said possibly lipoma but the other sonography said it wasn’t a lipoma . I’m so confused , so scared and don’t know how to feel .

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  1. There is no point in feeling anxious before you get your test results, because there are many varieties of harmless non-cancerous tumours asides from the classic and widespread lipoma. Your doctor just wants to get a clear picture of what your lump is all about, and feels an MRI will be more helpful than any other method to find out. Doctors usually perform a biopsy right away if they have serious doubts you may have cancer. That is what happened in my case; my doctor told me straight off that the lump she touched had about 80% odds of being cancer, and the biopsy came back positive.

    Good luck,


  2. Thankyou for your response Greg and I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis . I just dont feel comfortable with my doctors due to the first ulstrasound being normal and only weeks later the second ultrasound showing “ something “ I guess I don’t understand the mri scan rather than biopsy . Thankyou for your reassurance though , Ita good to talk to people who may actually have a little insight . I have been so upset all day and I don’t know if I’m over reacting . The sonograoher made comment on the size of the lump which made me think the worst , I’ve also had headaches for weeks which I was working with but now my anxiety has kicked in and I’m worried the breast lump and headaches are related . Again Thankyou for taking the time to respond , it’s appreciated more than you know .

  3. Oh don’t worry about my diagnosis… In fact, it was a great and enlightening experience to survive Breast Cancer for 13 years now! And just to let you know, I also had many tests performed to follow-up on my remission, and at one point, my doctors were concerned I may have developed a potential lung metastasis that had showed up on some X-Rays and an MRI scan, but then dissappeared on another. The equipment offers many great benefits, but it is not always perfect… Sometimes it just picks up “ghosts”… an additional reason not to get overly concerned before everything is 100% confirmed.
    But to come back on the subject of stress, anxiety and potentially-related headaches… We all go through them at one point in our lives for a reason or another… So you may want to read about some great natural products on the Net that may be helpful if your issues persist… Type up 5-HTP or St. John’s Wort in your search engine, and if what you read pleases you, you may want to consider them if your issues persist. They both did great for me since I’ve discovered them, and although no medication is suited for everyone, a majority of people who have also tried them would generally agree.
    All the best,

  4. Hi c8979

    I feel your worry it really is such a scary time, my advice to you is you can’t worry about something that hasn’t happened it will be at the back of your mind but try an conecentrate on everyday life and when you get your date for your diagnosis then go from there( don’t go on your own either) and if you aren’t happy always get a 2nd opinion I did and it was the best thing for me.

    Please keep me posted and sending lots of good luck.

  5. Thankyou both so much for your thoughtful words . I will let you know how things go , I have an mri Friday so not too long of a wait thankfully . My doctor has suggested after reading the ultrasound report that although the size and feel doesn’t always characterise cancer , the odds are in my favour being soft and “ smooth “ apparently . I’m keeping positive and just adoring my beautiful children even more . Thankyou

  6. Just thought I would let you both know that I feel very blessed to get a clear result on the mri , no idea as to what the breast lump is. May just be the way I was made or some fatty tissue but mri screen showed no suspicions of malignancy . I sincerely Thankyou both for your kind words during my anxious times , I can’t imagine what it’s like going through something so threatening but I can genuinely say this experience involving scary machines and awaiting results has certainly opened my eyes to appreciating the more important things in life . We are very lucky to be here and not every day is granted , let’s live our lives to the fullest . Sending positives vibes to all x

  7. Such great news and what a relief – I am so happy for you!
    I somehow felt strongly that everything would be fine for you in advance. But should my instinct have failed me, I was prepared to support you by letting you know that going through the “bad news” and the following experience, precisely leads to the same conclusion you came to today: “Don’t take anything for granted and enjoy what you have to the fullest”. Going through the whole survival process does make that message sink in forever!
    All the best and celebrate your weekend!

  8. Hello c8979
    Consider changing doctors, look for a female practitioner with experience in biopsies.
    Don’t be worried, it hasn’t spread. If the cancer had already spread to other parts of your system, you would have started to feel weak, tired and nauseous.
    Take heart, you’ll be alright!
    Take care,

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