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Found three retina specialist (for eye) on the island. Dr. Sameer Basheer (Gulf Diabetic), Dr. Butt & Dr. Surinder from Dr. Haifa Eye Hospital. Anybody has an experience on any of them? TIA

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  1. Dr Butt visited had best experience since checked throughly my eye retina for redish, irritation that only due to allergies or dust only. Highly recommended in Dr. Haifa hospital Tubl

  2. Have an appointment with dr sameer bashir today …highly recommended by someone …

  3. Joerg Dohrenwendt

    I have been with Dr. Sameer in Gulf Diabetes…he is very professional. Highly recommended.

  4. Dr. Ebtisam AlAlawi her clinic is in the Seef District.

  5. Dr. Nitul Bhatt without a doubt. Best retinal Doctor on the island.

  6. Dr. Komal – King Hamad Hospital.

  7. Dr Bhatt is too good

  8. Dr surinder ?

  9. Dr surinder ?

  10. Any recommendations for Dr Atif at King Hamad Hospital??

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