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A friend of mine delivered a baby a few weeks back. On the issuance of the birth certificate, it was noticed that the name section of the child only included the first name rather than the complete name of the child. Is it necessary to have the complete name of the child on the birth certificate or will the first name do just fine? Thanks

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  1. When we went to register our baby we demanded they put her full name on her birth certificate correctly as that is the name they put on her passport. It took them 4 times trying to understand that her name was ‘first Middle last name’ – not ‘first name dads name last name’. We are Irish so that’s why we got it done this way – not sure for other nationalities

  2. Our birth certificates for both our girls was the same. When I went to the American embassy to get the birth abroad certificates and passports they had no issue with it, they knew the drill. They just asked if our children had middle names on the forms. Might differ depending on where you are from but for us it didn’t cause any issues.

  3. In Bahrain the Child’s full name is Child Father Family.
    We don’t have middle names. When we see a field for a middle name we put our father’s name.
    So in the First name section in the birth certificate it is assumed that the child like all other Bahrainis has only one name and goes by the same system that we are used to.
    So as someone suggested you might have to explain how the naming system is in your country. It’s not a mistake, it’s a short sight that everyone who is born here in Bahrain follows the same format.

  4. We had it done when the birth was registered so that my son’s middle name was included. It took a while to make the change but I was able to pick up a new birth certificate at the local health Centre.

  5. Karimeh Saiepour

    We added out children’s middle names on their birth registration documents through our embassy – this is separate to the Bahrain birth certificate. Their passports were then issued with first middle surname.

  6. You’ll have to make them understand that you want the name like this. They will insist that they accept only 1 name then it will be followed by the father’s name you have to insist on telling them it doesn’t work like this in your country.

  7. Am british and when i got the birth certificate here it has only the first name, and i didnt had any problem after that with the passport issuing. Congrats for your new baby

  8. Its usually the first name in Bahrain.The second name is that of the father and the third is of grandfather(father’s father).Me being British had the same issue when I received the birth certificate of my child.But when the British passport for my child was issued it was first name middle name and surname last.

  9. Can cause problems depending on her nationality. If her country is represented by an embassy in Bahrain, she should be fine.

  10. If bahraini, then full name is must.
    It is accroding to your country’s passport system though.

  11. Zeeshan Jawed Shah

    Usually it’s only first name.

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