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My problems began after I had my gallbladder surgery 3 years ago. A year after my surgery and a lot of problems, I tested positive for h pylori and until now I’ve been  suffering from gastritis !I’ve got use to the pain and it can improve after I eat something. I need more antibiotics this last Sep to kill the bacteria but after so many, my gastro recommended biopsies and testing for antibiotics sensitivity. 4 weeks it took for results to come back they told me I had no h pylori this time!

Maybe the treatment I had in September worked. I was starting to feel better finally until this week. I start  feeling a dull ache in my upper stomach and a bit of nausea, some burning. I’m scared that it’s something else making my gastritis worse like bile as I dont have a gallbladder. I’ve never has this type of pain before with my gastritis. I’m not taking anything to treat it so I wonder if it’s just the aftermath of h pylori infection. If it was something else would it show in the gastroscopy?

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  1. Are you on a bland spicey or fried foods fizzy drinks and citrus fruits….if you are not on a bland diet try it and see if there is a difference.

  2. I am about to have my stomach issues looked at. Two years post gallbladder op and i have nausea nearly every day and ibs too. It has caused me to become quite anxious as i never know what each day will bring. Dr gave me anti nausea pills and ibs ones but they arent too effective.i will be interested to hear how you get on. Did you have nausea and ibs or only h pylori.

    • After I I had my gb removed 3 years I had nausea, IBS and pain in chest a lot. But all that got better with time. Then in 2015 I found out had h pylori and stomach pain. This week I’m feeling pain in stomach worse than I used to with some nausea, no ibs. I’m scared that after all this time I’m having bile reflux making inflammation worse but I’m not sure. Had spasms in my bile duct before causing severe abdominal pain but thank god only happen few times. On top of this I have as well arthritis in my hips and I also wonder if there’s a connection joint inflammation and gastritis but again not sure. I hope to find that’s not as bad I’m thinking . I think I need anti anxiety pills too . hope you get better

      • Sorry to hear you are dealing with arthritis in your hip as well as all the other things. Isnt it awful for us to have to deal with all these things and the gallbladder issues.

        i am thinking it might be gastritis I have but not sure if this is post gallbladder nausea and ibs. Dr is puzzled a bit too as it is going on for two years and not better. What is the test you get for gastritis? And what medication do they give for it does anyone know? Anti anxiety pills do help a bit to control the worrying about all the problems. I hope you get an answer soon.

  3. I’m pretty sure I have bile going to my stomach. I had the worst pain from gastritis. Today I have nausea and burning. Is it going to be like this for the rest of my life? I should be enjoying my 3 year old but instead I’m feeling depressed and so so weak..

  4. A gastroscopy would show up other problems in your stomach if you had them. However, h pylori and the antibiotics can leave the stomach sore and sensitive for a while. You may also be experiencing complications after your gallbladder removal and gastritis will also aggravate symptoms.

  5. I just had no sleep at all last night with my bad pain in stomach. Today is burning a lot I’m now sure it’s bile going up. I feel so weak and desperate. I’m seeing the gastro on Monday and he’s going to give me sucralfate. I’m scared of eating everything causes pain and before it didn’t. If it’s bile it’s hard to control. God give us strength .

    • Have you tried a food diary to see what food upsets your stomach? Thie is important when you have gastritis. Avoid, rich, spicy and fatty foods; eat blandly. This will help with your post gallbladder op symptoms and gastritis.

  6. HAs anyone tried the sucralfate for bile reflux? What about what to eat? I’m soooo lost

  7. Sucralfate is for gastroesophagal reflux and stomach ulcers…you should eat very bland foods nothing rich, spicey or fried. Try eating plain greek yogurt with a little honey in it…also drink some warm milk. You can get bicarbonate of soda tablets over the counter for reflux which will help ….also try and eat a little mashed potato with no butter with some boiled fish…..i hope this helps …my very best wishes to you for some relief….

  8. They are called ‘Sodium Bicarbonate’ tablets for acid reflux….

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