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Eyes feel like lead even though had good nights sleep


For the past week I’ve been feeling very tied even though I’ve had a good nights sleep every night. I go to bed at 10:30pm and usually wake up before my alarm goes off at 6:15am. I don’t remember waking up in the night and initially feel fine until after I get to work and sit down then my eyes feel puffy and heavy, I feel very tied all day long and can barely keep my eyes open.

I get light-headed, not dizziness per say but I do feel slightly unsteady sometimes especially if I’m using my eyes a lot, like reading. I feel like I’m in control and can concentrate when driving to work and back. It seems to be worse when moving my eyes a lot.

I work in a GP practice so I was able to get our HCA to give me a full blood test, the results came back with everything normal apart from my Biliirubin levels (it’s what makes urine yellow – broken down from red blood cells). I had one of the doctors take a look and he thought I had Gilbert’s Syndrome. As far as I can tell from a little research Gilbert’s only symptom is the occasional jaundice and is a benign condition that effects 10-15% of the western population and is nothing to worry about.

So I think spotting the Gilbert’s Syndrome is just a coincidence and would have been there all the time anyway (it’s a genetic condition) though I’ve noticed having jaundice.

I also feel like I have pressure behind the eyes, and sinuses – though no pain or headaches which should rule out sinusitis. The best way to describe what I have is a lack of sleep, effecting my eyes even though I’ve a good nights sleep. I have no muscle aces or pain and don’t have any brain confusion or disrupted vision in eyes. I’d been taking Loratidine for hayfever but stopped about two months ago, I’ve now resumed taking them thinking that perhaps I was having some kind of extreme reaction to pollens despite the lack of itchy eyes or runny nose. I take no other medication and I stopped drinking alcohol two days ago (I only have one alcoholic drink a day anyway).

I spoke to a doctor about it where I work, actually two doctors, and they both agreed that it was probably viral and will pass in a few days. I’m finding it difficult to book an appointment with my own doctor (my own practice is notorious for not being able to get seen). I’m going to try again tomorrow to get an afternoon slot – failing that I’ll have to see if one of the doctors where I work will consult me; I am a temporary patient now after all – had to register for the blood test. I’m also waiting for results of celiac disease due to having loose stools in the morning after breakfast for a long time now.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Hi Daniel 14…..I don’t have a clue as to what might be going on with your eye. I did google pressure behind the eye and many sites popped up. Maybe try googling your symptoms and see what’s there. Good luck and keep me posted.

  2. Hi I have similar symptons but mine is due to anxiety I also have mild depression it could be a small negative thought in your head that is causing these symptoms. Have you looked at advice on how ti overcome this I have found cbt helpful.

    • Thanks for your replies. I saw my GP and he also thought it was viral but prescribed anti vertigo drugs for the dizzy feeling. I still feel the same after two weeks. The same pressure in my face particualry behind my nose and eyes and the slight drunk feeling. He ordered more blood teste for 4 weeks time to check those bilibrubin levels again. He suggested i stay off the computer as much as possbile after i described looking at the monitor seems to me make me feel worse. I have also booked an eye test for wednesday.

  3. Hi,
    I have the same kind of symptoms right now and have done for the past few weeks on-and-off. But today my eyes did feel like they just wanted to keep closing all the time.
    I know from myself that I have been going through immense stress/anxiety for the past month or so and that it could be due to that.
    I actually attended an eye-test only a week or two ago where they tested the pressure in/behind my eyes completely unrelated, and it was 16. Which is, apparently, perfectly normal. This leads me to believe it’s anxiety so I know for a fact this can be brought on.
    I’d suggest going for an eye test or even an MRI if this keeps up, though, to be sure. But It can be the simplest of things too.

  4. If you have not done so already search for the Gilbert Syndrome discussions on this site. The tirednesses you mention is referred to an awful lot. I have GS and my eyes go blurring, heavy and I sometimes get spots in my vision, especially after exercise.

    • Thanks I’ll take a look at that – I really could do with more info about it. After my eye test I was prescribed a new pair of glasses. I’ve found that I have to wear them after a short period using the computer or watching TV because if I don’t I get pressure behind my eyes. My second blood test results will be aviable for me to view next week to check on those bilirubin levels.

      • The fatigue symptoms on the GS discussion forums crops up constantly. However doctors rarely, if at all accept GS is the cause, because the official line is it’s an asymptomatic condition. More research needs doing really. Many people (if they bother to ‘pester’ their GP) have countless tests and even biopsies and scans because they keep going back due to low energy and mood etc. Eventually in a lot of cases it’s put down to depression, stress and/or labeled Cronic Fatigue Syndrome. Making people feel like pathetic time wasters which is a real shame. I don’t blame doctors because they don’t have the evidence to back GS suffers claims.
        I’m no expert and your eyes may have unrelated issues which rightly should be checked by an optician. But the fact you refer to GS and Tiredness is so common and I just thought I’d draw your attention to it so you can judge for yourself. It’s not such a bad thing to have anyway, i can live with it fine if I get enough sleep, right food and exercise, but my girlfriend does think I’m lazy or dopey sometimes when I am just very tired! It’s just reassuring to read the forum and feel less of a hypochondriac! Do you get mega bad long hangovers if you drink alcohol? I do, many people mention this too. Let me know what you think.

  5. I am going through the same thing! I will go through times where it happens all the time, literally every day several times a day. Then I will go through periods of time where it doesn’t happen at all, to the point where I don’t even think about it. This has been going on for me for over 5 years. Have you found what is causing yours or a way to keep it from happening?
    For me, it hits quick and hard. I get very sleepy even though I’m not tired and it is very hard to keep my eyes open. It is hard to describe this so a person that doesn’t go through this to understand how hard it is to keep my eyes open, when it’s not happening I could work physically and mentally hard all day and be totally wore out tired and my eyes do not get this heavy and difficult to keep open. I could be in a up and getting things done then it will hit out of no where. It always happens when I stop and sitting down. I have also noticed it’s when I’m reading, driving, working on the computer, making jerwelry, etc. Always when I’m concentrating on something yet not being physically active. When it is going on I am afraid to drive any where. Yet, being a single mom there are times when I have to.
    If anyone has any ides on cause or remedies I would be very grateful!

    • Hi Joni15, I would just like to say that your symptoms mirror mine exactly. For 6 years I have simply put up with it due to docs not having any idea what could be causing it. When it first started years ago I just thought I was super tired and carried on best as possible. The first bout lasted only a few weeks and then nothing for months! This has been the case up until this year in Aug when again it suddenly came on extremely strong one morning and it’s been with me ever since. I find it very difficult to describe what it’s like and find that people just fob me off and tell me to get more sleep. Ok maybe I don’t sleep enough but this isn’t due to lack of sleep. Almost an overwhelming feeling to want to close your eyes is all I can say.

      • Hello Sewah1 – I just discovered this thread, I’ve been suffering from the same thing as you and Joni13 for the past six months.
        I was wondering if you also eventually discovered what had been causing it for you ? I’ve already done many different tests (blood, MRI, etc) but nobody can find the cause of these extremely tired eyes that seem to want to close themselves at totally random times..
        Thanks for your help !!
        Thanks in advance !

    • Hello Joni15 – I just discovered this thread, I’ve been suffering from the EAXCT same thing as you for the past six months.
      I was wondering if you eventually discovered what had been causing it for you ? I’ve already done many different tests (blood, MRI, etc) but nobody can find the cause of these extremely tired eyes that seem to want to close themselves at totally random times..
      Thanks in advance !

    • Hi I have very similar symptoms to what you are describing. In addition I also experience teary and stinging eyes but not sure if related to the heavy eyelids, inability to concentrate / foggy head and fatigue. Those symptoms like yourself are not constant and I cannot relate them with a particular situation. Have you found out anything that could explain it. I feel that going to the doctors is like looking for the needle in a haystack. I am eating healthy and exercise regularly. I have a legal job that requires mental concentration and continuous use of computer. This condition (when does happen) affects my performance At work it is as though I could fall asleep but I don’t feel tired . My eyes are heavy and my brain in a state of idleness! Is terrible. I just finished work and the only symptoms I am left with is stinging tearry blurred eyes . I feel worried not to take over my life . Could u please let me know if u found an answer? Thanks a lot.

  6. Hello, recently had same issue. i was diagnosed with Iritis (steroid drops and anti viral treatment) and Blepharitis. Eye physician recommended artificial tears for heavy eyelids as tears probably reduced quality due to infection even though quantity was still good. So far the artificial tears have solved heavy eyes problem and other issues are clearing up well …

  7. I have recently been diagnosed with POTS syndrome and have been having similar symptoms to you…you said that you have been being light headed and sometimes offbalance which is what I have been feeling quiet often. If you realize yourself getting dizzy or light headed after standing up then you should probably go talk to your doctor about the POTS syndrome

  8. I’m having the same problem. For the past 4 years I have suffered from extreme fatigue that has interfered with my daily life. It hit me out of nowhere one day when I woke up (after what would typically be a good nights rest) with my eyes sore and heavy. I always describe it as a pressure behind my eyes, as well as the heaviness of weights on top of them. I feel so sleepy often that I have isolated myself from the outside world for the most part. It has gotten in the way of my studies, as the fatigue would cause me to stay home longer due to how hard it was for me to keep my eyes open and stay alert. I would wake up some mornings finding it hard to make eye contact with my own reflection in the mirror. Doctors say they have no idea what could be causing it; my blood work comes back fine with no abnormalities. I used to suffer from seizures, but every time I bring that up they say it probably isn’t related. I have seen a sleep specialist, a neurologist, a psichiatrist, an optometrist, and my PCD. EEGs/EKGs come back normal, but the psichiatrist has prescribed some antidepressants to see if they would help. That’s a negative. No matter who I talk too they can’t seem to fix the problem. I recently made an appointment with an ophthalmologist to check my eyes… my last shot. I’m hopeful because one did help my friend with a rare disease called ocular hypertension. She was having a strange blurriness in her eyes no matter if she wore her contacts or not. A lumbar puncture is what it took to diagnose her after all other methods failed, so now it’s getting treated. I know that if I have something, an ophthalmologist is sure to spot it, and I just wish I had seen one sooner.

  9. Did the ophthamologist help?? My symptoms mirror yours exactly and I have an appointment with one next week.

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