Delivery related facilities in Jidhaf Hospital ?


Is anybody here, who delivered in Jidhaf Hospital? Could you share your experience? Is the service good? Are there separate rooms allowed for delivery? What about food service?husband allow to labor room?

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  1. Darakhshan Almas

    Very good experience. Dr. Bala and Dr. Bushra are great.They convinced me for normal delivery. Decision making abilities of Dr. Bala is excellent. Nurses are very polite and helpful.

  2. Come to AMH if you want..
    1. Midwife delivery by english midwife
    2 fathers can come to labour room and even cut the the cord
    Nurses very ftiendly and professional

  3. ZSartaj Alam Sayyed

    Its excellent,I was there this year,January….food is good nurses are very good,doctors also…but husband is allowed neither in delivery room nor the separate room you’ll take….he or any other relatives are only allowed during visiting hours only :-)….but overall experience was very good…

  4. Hello I delivered in Salmaniya, in your room your husband is allowed to stay all the time. Once you go to the labor ward husbands are supposed to wait outside, but if your husband requests they may let him to come sit with you for a while (but only him and he has to stay out the way). Once it is time for baby to arrive they will ask him to go wait back in the waiting area until you have delivered. When you are in the recovery area and baby has arrived they will let him come back in to you and see baby.

  5. Husbands are not allowed to enter the delivery room.. They need to wait in the waiting area… staffs are really good .. Try to get a private if possible. They provide the food, Outside food is also allowed.. ping me if more details are required

  6. Jidhafs is very good as compare to salmaniya nurses are very polite and doctors also are very good food is good and main thing not too much patients are their thats y very good service.

  7. Very good Doctors and staff as well. Delivery room is also separate and good. They keep watch on every aspects. Good services

  8. Mariyam Yahya Deewan

    Hi any body hav experience of king hammad for normal delivery m really worried ? because its my fst delivery in Bahrain

  9. Manhardeep Bassan

    It’s gud… husbands are not allowed in labour room… staff is also very nice n cooperative n caring

  10. I delivered my first son there staff is good. Delivery room is separate also but husband I think allow also

  11. It’s good experience there

  12. Following.

    • King Hamad university hospital and other private hospitals allow husband’s inside during labor and delivery but Jidhafs and salmaniya, it’s strictly not allowed

    • Hi..i delivered in salmaniya in july and husband was allowed on n off in labor room..he can come n go wen he is asked to..
      Gud luck..

  13. ? sadly being, I can’t afford private and I’m not in the area for king hamad hospital. ? I’m so scared of labour and delivery and since I have only my husband here I so wish he could atleast be with me while I’m in pain. Mostly for moral support.

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