Comparison of health centers for gynecological treatments


I want to know your experiences from health centers for gynecologist on how they treat you in comparison with private hospitals and what is the cost of delivery. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Dont know about private hospitals but the midwives n gynae drs at health centre are the sweetest one!
    Currently i m going to king hammad hospital’s gynae department n the drs n nurses there are also nice.
    I m not sure but what i hv heard is normal dlvry is for 100 bd and c-section is for 150 bd (dont know about private section)

  2. I am following up currently at hamad town health center and before I was at east riffa, both services are great at east riffa when I was going for check up my husband was allowed to be with me when the midwife was checking up baby heart beat etc. All test has been done on the appropriate time and you’re given priority at the lab as you’re pregnant. If you have further question regarding your baby or your symptoms you can freely ask the midwife or the gynea they answer very nicely to all questions.

  3. I think private is better than health centre.. in salmaniya and King hammad there is private clinic which is interconnected.. as said by one lady tht every time there is different doctor.. so its better tht same doctor deal with u throughout ur pregnancy..
    what i do is for checkups i prefer private and for delivery i go to Salmaniya..
    for Normal delivery they charge bd100 or 125 (dont remember exactly but its max).If u want separate room then u will hv to pay extra bd25/day.

  4. Medical Industry no more works for the society but rather a business..I suggest that for any medical treatment advice or surgeries Salmaniya /KingHamad/ BDF are the best.. God Forbid but for any life threatening emergencies.. non of the private hospitals are well equipped nor the doctors hav that experience.. They will giv up such cases immidiately and transfer them to Salmaniya.. Secondly from wat I have seen and heard .. Even if its a normal delivery the private hospitals push for a C section coz thats more profitable to them..

  5. My first experience is form health centre …that was totally not good…second experience is from BDF private…excellent dr …plus all staf…

  6. Jabeen Janibasha

    I had good experience for my 2 pregnancy with health center.. Now again going with health center only for my 3 pregnancy also… I have gone through a good experience…

  7. salmaniya normal 125/- and c-section 150/-

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