best surgeon for the knee replacement


My friend is advised a knee replacement surgery. He is very young just 35. Please suggest the best surgeon on the island. TiA.

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  1. Dr Fahad Al khalifa at the BDF. Had my op last March, my best advice is do the physio as soon as possible, I did not do enough the first week and although things are still improving, it’s slow going. Had the surgery with epidural not General so very quick recovery.

  2. Dr. Ahsan Javaid in King Hamad Hospital in Muharraq. He is the best. He did the knee replacement surgery for my husband.

  3. I was supposed to have knee surgery and ended up having stem cell replacement at Royal Bahrain. Way less invasive.

  4. Helen Elizabeth Davies

    35 and a full knee replacement? Get a second opinion. Sounds like a doctor wants a tick a box. 35 is very young to have a knee replacement as they only last a certain amount of years, they should consider other treatments first. Get a second, third and forth opinion!

  5. So kind of you all.

  6. Fhey Raya-Dohrenwendt

    German Orthopedic hospital in zinj
    Dr. Maik

  7. Agree, second opinion with Dr Maik Priester, German Orthopaedic

  8. Dr Maik, German Orthopaedic Hospital

  9. German orthopedic hospital. there are 2 knee specialists.

  10. Dr. Bashar…. Clinic_Val=18

  11. german ortho center

  12. Melanie Hutchinson

    Agree, Dr. Maik at German Ortho

  13. German orthopaedic hospital

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