Best pediatric for newborn


Please recommend best pediatric for newborn. Personal experience. Urgently need to see a good one for my baby.

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  1. Fanny Jouan-Adam

    Dr Bhramara in ROYAL BAHRAIN HOSPITAL. she does not hesitate to make tests and investigations to discover the problem. She has been really good understanding why our 2 weeks old baby was not gaining weight and kept on checking to make sure it was cured. She s really good.

  2. Catherine Ridyard O'Shea

    Dr Hann at Awali Hospital.

  3. Dr Rasheed in Bahrain specialist hospital

  4. Dr Mohamed Rasheed is very good, and good reputation. BSH

  5. Dr Abdul nabber Al Abbasi…AlShifa Paediatric Clinic

  6. Sanjeev at kims

  7. Dr. Bhramara in royal Bahrain hospital

  8. Dr Riaz…Alhilal hospital,Muharraq

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