best hospital for C/ section allowing husband in delivery room


Hello! What is the best hospital from your experience in C/ section where they allow the husband to enter the delivery room? It’s too important to start making arrangements. And what is the name of the doctor?

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  1. Middle East Hospital Dr Murat, but i think any hospital allows husbands during surgery, I may be wrong but double check wherever you decide ?

  2. Mansi Raithatha Rosario

    Bah Specialist…dr Isabelle or even Dr Sudha or Dr Vandana…they all let u stay as long as it’s normal..dont know abt the C-Sec

  3. Jacque Monte Quinn

    Royal Bahrain, recently had a c-section with Dr. Nailah and she is great. She didn’t mind my husband is with me during the process

  4. Middle East Hospital great service Dr Azra

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