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Hospitals in Bahrain

Kingdom of Bahrain is a small island in the Gulf region with a population of 1,234,571. To serve this number of population general level of health care in Bahrain is good as compared to many other countries. The kingdom focuses on its resident’s health needs by providing them both Government as Well as Private Hospitals. The procedure in acquiring health services is made convenient and approachable keeping health at a top priority.

Government Hospitals:

Four major Government hospitals are as below which are equipped in latest technology and has a fleet of specialized doctors capable of handling wide range of medical services like Cardiac care, general surgery, otolaryngology, internal medicine, obstetrical/gynecologic, pediatrics, orthopedics, as well as other medical and surgical specialties/ subspecialties, and dentistry services are readily available, as are x-rays, CT scans and MRI testing. These Government hospitals also provide trauma and ICU units to handle emergency situations.


  • Bahrain Defense Force Hospital (also known as Bahrain Royal Medical Services or Military Hospital)
  • Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) Hospital
  • King Hamad University Hospital
  • Psychiatric Hospital


The structure of governmental care is such that every city has its own local health centre which handles basic general physician facilities. However, when a patient requires extensive medical care his case is transferred to above mention main Medical Complexes.

Private Hospitals:

To bring foreign medical aid into the kingdom, government has taken special measures in facilitating private hospitals and clinics in assisting to serve the growing needs of its residents. The most common and well known hospitals in private are as below:


Royal Bahrain Hospital Dr. Wiam Clinic KIMS Bahrain Medical Center
Al-Amal Hospital Al-Hilal Hospital Al-Kindi Specialised Hospital
American Mission Hospital Awali Hospital Bahrain Specialist Hospital
Bahrain International Hospital Dr. Tariq Saeed Hospital German Orthopedic Hospital
Gulf Dental Specialty Hospital Gulf Diabetes Specialist Center Ibn al-Nafees Hospital
Noor Specialist Hospital Urology & Plastic Surgery Hospital (UPS) Shifa Al Jazeera – Ras Ruman
International Hospital of Bahrain Awali Hospital Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Center

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